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"Life Force Energy Discs"

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

According to a Nature's Energies web page:

For years now, much research has been focused around the potentially harmful effects of the extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields emitted by Cathode Ray Tubes (e.g., your television at home, or the monitor that you are using to read this document). Some researchers believe that such fields could be attributed to such conditions as leukemia, tiredness or general fatigue. Others . . . state that in general, we are unsure on the biological effects of ELF emissions to know whether they are safe or not . . . .

We have introduced a "ch'i energy" disc into our range of products to help deal with the deleterious effects of electromagnetic radiation. . . . The disc utilizes a simple design, enclosed in a colored form tuned to the "Tao." While the disc does not reduce electromagnetic fields, it has the effect of canceling out their negative effects on living systems by producing a gentle energy harmonised for the human energy field. While the discs have not been scientifically validated, kinesiology tests have revealed their effectiveness in experiments where human subjects were placed in the presence of an electromagnetic field with and without the disc.

The Ch'i energy disc not only assists in making sitting close to a computer monitor safer - it also cancels out the vibrations from alternators in cars, fields from power lines, microwave ovens, televisions, hair dryers, and other electrical appliances.



Personal Ch'i Energy Disc

Mobile Phone Ch'i Energy Disc

The company, which is located in Australia, also sells a House Ch'i Energy Disk ("gives protection on an energy level from all appliances in your home"), a Child Ch'i Energy Disc ("harmonized especially to suit a child"), and an Animal Ch'i Energy Disk ("harmonized especially to suit the energy field" of a pet). The products run from $29.95 to $49.95 plus postage and handling. The company advises using muscle-testing or dowsing to determine the correct location and alignment for the House disc.

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