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A Chiropractor's Response to
My Visit to A "Straight" Chiropractor

Dr. Barrett:

I read your posting regarding your experience with a chiropractor. It is not very difficult to understand why you would have difficulty comprehending the approach of this chiropractor since you went in with a preconceived notion that he will be caring for you with a medical approach. Chiropractic doctors are not medical doctors and you can not compare one from the context of the other.

You claim to be making people aware of the Quack's in the world. It is amazing how you can be so blind as how many medical doctors are the true Quacks. You quote the definition of quack as "the promotion, for profit, of a medical remedy known to be false or unproven." The list of drugs prescribed today that meet this definition would be sufficient to fill an entire web site by themselves.

The use of antibiotics for childhood ear infections has been shown by your own scientists to be ineffective and in some cases just make the condition last longer. The use of the drug Ritalin is defined in your pharmacology text as having an unknown mechanism, there are no long term studies of safety and the drug has never been scientifically tested on children under the age of 6 years old, yet it is mass prescribed for indefinite use including to children younger than 6 years old. The use of NSAID's for the treatment of osteoarthritis has been shown to increase this degenerative condition while the use of a supplement called Glucosamine Sulfate has been proven to help regenerate the condition yet the medical profession continues to profit from the prescription of NSAID's. The British Medical Journal has published an article indicating that less than 1% of all medical procedures have any scientific validation to support them. I ask you, really, who are the Quack's?

Lewis Pasteur, the founder of the germ theory, declared that it was a mistake. The germs are not the cause, it is the soil. Medicine can not let go of this concept that the germs are the cause. You had a viral infection in your ear which caused dizziness? What was the cause of the viral infection? Why was the infection only in one ear? Do you think that if the neural control that goes to the ear was compromised it could weaken the bodies ability to keep a virus at bay?

You claim that reduced ROM of the neck is not of a health concern. Life is motion and a reduction of the optimal motion is always a decrease in the quality of life. This is definitely a health concern. As for it not bothering you, is that the same attitude you would take if you found a woman with a malignant asymptomatic tumor in her breast? It isn't bothering her so why not leave it alone. Eventually it will metastasize to the spine and then there will be sufficient pain to warrant a treatment. Absolutely ridiculous isn't it?

If you want to talk about cost I only need to look at the latest cost of medical mistakes. It has been estimated that medical mistakes have contributed to a cost of $76,000,000,000 annually and resulted in over 3,000,000,000 injuries of which at least 80,000 resulted in death. I challenge you to compare that to any other healing profession in the world. The Hippocratic oath states "first do no harm". I think it is clear that medicine is in direct violation of this.

The medical system is falling apart and I know that your attempt at trying to justify your life's work in a system that has failed humanity will not change this. The people are fed up with the drug approach and that is why they are turning away from medicine in search of a philosophy that respects the human being and its innate healing qualities.

I suggest you study the field of healing before you start making judgments about those that are practicing the art of healing. Medicine has nothing to do with healing.

Yours truly,

Dan Boyle, D.C.
Stirling, Ontario

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