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MCS Proclamations

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

MCS proponents are seeking "recognition" by asking state governors to proclaim a "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Week." In June 1998, the Govrnor of Washington did so with a statement describing MCS as a reaction to chemical exposure, which it is not. A few days later, after receiving protests from the scientific community, the proclamation was rescinded and replaced with one (shown here) calling for "more research and understanding of MCS." The Governor of Connecticut also issued a statement based on the revised version.
On April 13, 1999, Kentucky Governor Paul E. Patton proclaimed May 12-18, 1999, as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Week. The statement was nearly identical to Washington's first proclamation.
The scientific comunity does not recognize "multiple chemical sensitivity" as a legitimate diagnosis. These proclamations are an attempt to achieve through political means what has not been achieved through science. Public officials who endorse this fad diagnosis are not doing its victims a favor. Please send a protest to Governor Patton.


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