Legal Help for Quackery Victims

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Victims of quackery often have difficulty obtaining redress through the courts. Many are afraid of lawyers. Some are embarrassed at having been fooled. Too often the victim does nothing, simply dismissing the fraud as one of life's lessons. Health and nutrition frauds are new subjects for most attorneys. Although the same general law applies, most lawyers have had no experience in dealing with such cases. Because this practice is a specialty, dedicated, knowledgeable attorneys can be difficult to find.

The Quackwatch nework helps many victims of quackery obtain the competent legal assistance they need. It also serves attorneys as a clearinghouse for information on the latest frauds and the experts who can help them prove their cases. Help is also be available to insurance companies and law enforcement agencies. The services offered include:

If you have been seriously harmed by quackery, a free consultation can be obtained by contacting me:

Attorneys interested in receiving referrals or advice are also welcome to contact me.

For advice about any injury involving dietary supplements, "health foods," or herbs, you can also contact attorney Christopher E. Grell at (415) 541-9866.

This page was revised on August 27, 2010.

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