Reliable Agencies and Organizations

This page lists organizations that have produced reliable publications for many years. We have not yet reviewed all of their Web sites to see how much of their content is useful to consumers. To nominate additional entries for this page, please contact Dr. Stephen Barrett

Federal Government Agencies

Nongovernmental Organizations

Most of the organizations listed below are voluntary groups that draw support and members from the general public as well as professionals. Some have a single national office, while others have chapters in various cities. Most of these organizations provide educational materials on request. Some raise and distribute funds for research. Some conduct educational programs for the public and encourage and develop local support groups. Some offer individual counseling.

Business and professional groups, indicated by an asterisk (*) are composed exclusively or primarily of health professionals or other professionally trained individuals. Most of these groups publish a scientific journal and hold educational meetings for their members. Most of them also help the public by setting professional standards, disseminating information through the news media, and responding to inquiries from individual consumers.

Additional information on most of these organizations can be obtained from the Encyclopedia of Medical Organizations and Agencies (Gale Research Company, Detroit), available in the reference department of most public libraries.

This page was revised on January 15, 2009.

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