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Links are added to this list periodically. Most of the sites listed below have substantial original information or valuable archives. The bracketed dates indicate the most recent time we checked each site. Our goal is to select links that provide accurate and practical information. We have carefully inspected each site and believe—unless otherwise noted—that they are trustworthy.

Because Web addresses often change, you may find that some of the links on this page no longer work. If that happens, you can probably visit the site by using the domain address instead of the longer URL we provide. You can also use Google to search for the current location or The Wayback Machine to search for an archived version.

Please contact us if you find that a link does not work, encounter questionable information on any site listed on this page, or would like to recommend a science-based site for us to consider. If you are an expert and would like to join our web site review team, please let us know.

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