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Multilevel Marketing Project

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Since 1980, I have investigated more than 100 multilevel (MLM) companies marketing health products. My earlier investigations were done by obtaining distributor kits and analyzing company literature. Recently, I have been examining claims on headquarters Web sites.

During the next few years, as time permits, I will focus on the health-related claims on MLM company web sites and posting my evaluations on Quackwatch. So far we have located the official sites for 2Xtreme Performance International, Achievers Unlimited, Advantage International, Advocare, Alive International, All That's Natural, Alliance Technology International, Alpine Industries, Aim, Amway, Arbonne International, Awareness Corporation, Bimini Essentials, Biometics, Body Wise, Cell Tech, Changes International, E. Excel International, Easy Way, Eden River, Enrich International, Enviro-Tech International, E'OLA International, Equinox International, Espial USA, For More International, Forever Living Products International, FreeLife International, Global Wellness Club, Golden Neo-Life Diamite International, Dynamite Marketing, Health Dyamics Research Company, Herbalife International, Higher Ideals, Immunocal, Incredible Products, Infinity2, Integris, International Heritage, Kaire International, KareMore International, KingsWay, Legacy USA, Life Dynamics, Life Force International, Life Plus, Life Sciences Technologies, Lifestyles International, LifeTrends International, Longevity Network Ltd., Mannatech™, Market America, Marpé International, Melaleuca Morinda, Metabolife International, National Safety Associates, Natural Bodylines, Natural World, Natural Bodylines, Natural Connections, Nature's Gold, Nature's Own, Nature's Sunshine, Nature's Wealth, New Image International, New Vision International, Neways International, Nikken Industries, Nu Skin International, NutriCare International, NutriSystem Direct, Nutrition For Life, Omnitrition, Oxyfresh, Pangea Ltd., Pharmalliance, Physicians Research Laboratories, Primequest International, R-Garden Internationale, RightLife, Royal Body Care, Quantum Leap, Quest IV Health Products, Reliv International, Rexall Showcase International, Seasilver, Shaklee Corporation, ShapeRight, Soaring Eagle Ventures, Sparks International, Sportron International, Starlight International, Streamline International, Sunrider International, Sureal International, Symmetry International, The Art of Better Living, The Peoples Network, Trek Alliance, TriStar, Unique Solutions, USANA, Vaxa International, Vitality Corporation, Viva America, Watkins, Waves International, and Wellness International.

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